Recent clients



‘GREAT’ is the UK’s global campaign showcasing this country as a desirable destination for travel, study, investment or trade. The campaign is run out of Downing St. and the Cabinet Office with a budget of around £60m per year. With multiple stakeholders and numerous global, national and local expressions executed by many different agencies and partners, the complexity of managing the campaign and keeping it on brief was immense.

Butterfield Harris were asked to undertake an in-depth brand audit and communications review to assess the campaign’s effectiveness, and make recommendations for how it should evolve.

We helped clarify and redefine the proposition, identifying key audiences and messages, and the optimum communications vehicles and channels. A key recommendation of this review was the need for a substantial shift in the campaign’s tone of voice to enhance the UK’s appeal in a post-Brexit world. Implementation of the recommendations was supported through the development of communication guidelines, partnership strategies and training programmes.



?What If! Is a global innovation consultancy. Having led the market for over 20 years they found themselves facing an array of new competitors, and needed to update their brand positioning and business proposition. Butterfield Harris were asked to assess the business, analyse the market and advise on a new customer offer for the business that would highlight a genuine point of difference, not easily replicated.

We interviewed staff, customers and competitors in the UK and US, and developed a new proposition for the firm that drew on both their strong culture and reputation for delivering innovation, one that was not just incrementally better but truly different to the category competition. Our recommendations formed a new communications brief and also led to a fundamental internal review of business practices and systems to improve overall company performance.



In 2016, Butterfield Harris were briefed to undertake a ‘root and branch’ advice project to develop a coherent internal and external brand for a key Government department. That department had never previously embraced brand thinking systematically and operated within a closed world alongside partner agencies – largely out of view of the public.

The challenge was to lead a team of senior stakeholders, many unfamiliar with branding concepts, to a consensus on their brand’s positioning. Initially, our work involved extensive interviewing with the directors of the organisation, and of the partner agencies with which it collaborates. First thoughts and constructs, were then shaped through a series of collaborative meetings and workshops to deliver a clear brand proposition and narrative. These were supplemented by recommendations for external communications and messaging, expression of values and culture, and strategies for recruitment, inter-agency relationships, visual and verbal identity, and tone of voice.



The Children’s Society is one of the UK’s leading children’s charities, supporting and campaigning on behalf of young people facing severe and multiple disadvantage. With funding in the charity sector under immense pressure, TCS faces fierce competition for share of voice amongst potential donors – but more importantly for getting vulnerable childrens’ voices heard by society.

Our brief from them in 2017 was to identify, define and verbalise a compelling and creative core idea and narrative that would unite TCS people, supporters, donors and beneficiaries and provide them with an agreed platform for communications and campaigning.

Research with each of these groups, and a series of workshops with a senior TCS team revealed divergent views amongst ‘frontline’ and head office based employees about where the emphasis in communications should lie.

Using key insights we identified from the research, we developed concepts in the contrasting areas of ‘change’ and ‘togetherness’. After further research, the latter was selected as the preferred and unified route, encapsulated in the thought of “No child should feel alone”.



A major project in 2017 for this leading UK and global brand seeking to rapidly build their highly profitable Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division. SVO’s initial launch in 2014 had seen considerable success, but growth had out-paced the brand’s original positioning. Furthermore, the brand’s expression in areas such as vehicle naming and badging had become confusing both internally and externally.

On the back of past work for Mercedes AMG, Butterfield Harris were appointed to develop a new brand positioning and strategy for SVO that would provide a strong framework for the marque and facilitate global growth and expansion going forward.

Following a thorough review of customer research and after interviewing extensively within the JLR world and amongst prospects, we worked with the CEO and CMO to develop a set of recommendations for the brand and its relationship with its two parents – Jaguar and Land Rover.

Our recommendations encompassed brand architecture, positioning versus competitors, proposition and key messages – all wrapped in an SVO ‘Brand Manifesto’ that would govern all forms of communications and implementation, and flow through to new model introduction strategy and naming.



Mindful Chef is now the UK’s leading healthy recipe box brand and is growing rapidly with the support of venture capital investors and crowd-funding rounds that have often been oversubscribed. Butterfield Harris helped build this brand from scratch – guiding the founders through the development of its proposition and key messages, and helping bring real clarity to defining its target market. Leslie Butterfield now sits on the Board of the company and we continue to guide Mindful Chef strategically, and advise on potential growth opportunities, brand extension and third party collaborations within the healthy eating and wellness categories.